How Fresh Homes works with you.

Fresh Homes is all about personalised service.  We consider your needs first, making sure you’re comfortable before starting the building process.  Once you have signed off, then we begin, keeping you informed of what is needed along the way.

Here’s an outline of the various steps and requirements during the build. We look forward to going on this wonderful journey with you.


Step 1: Choose your block/ property

– Consider what suits your lifestyle and budget – location, size, community and future growth potential
– Conduct various due diligent checks:  Land registry / Council guidelines / Flood maps etc.
– Consult professionals / solicitor/ architect/engineers/project homes builders
– Arrange finance/ consult with mortgage brokers for best service and comparative rates
– Sign contracts

Step 2: Registration of land


Step 3: Choose house design plans

– Consider your lifestyle, functionality and future growth and value (keep to your budget)
– Obtain building quotes
(When choosing a builder consider track record of builder, check license credit history / compare types of fittings and fixtures for best value and most importantly ask for full disclosure of all costs to avoid being hit with hidden fees)

Step 4: Signing of preliminary contract plus deposit

– Finance Approval

Step 5: Designing your dream home

– Drafting plans
– Selection of fittings/fixtures/materials/
– Council approval
– Final contract

Step 6: Construction starts - Regular meetings and updates with site Supervisor

– Preparation of site
– Laying slab
– Construction of framework/walls
– Connection of utilities
– Insulation/electrical wiring/plumbing
– Installation of fittings and fixtures eg. kitchens/bathrooms
– Tiling/carpets
– Painting
– Certifications checklists

Step 7: Practical Completion

When your house is at Practical Completion stage, it won’t be long before it’s ready for hand-over.  It may not be perfect yet but it will have everything done in line with your contract. Fresh Homes will ensure that there are no defects and all work is completed to the highest standard.  Full payment is required before handover can take effect.

Step 8: Get ready to move in

While the final finishing touches are being made, now is the time to make sure you have everything ready for the big move.  Here are a few checklist reminders:
– Connect utilities – electricity / gas/ water/ telephone/broadband
– Notify landlord/ property agent (if necessary)
– Organise postal mail redirection
– Check out local areas for key services: doctors/ dentist/schools/shopping /landscaping supplies
– Confirm moving date with removalists

Step 9: Final Hand over

– You’re almost there.  This is the final step.  The Fresh Homes Site Supervisor and or Design Consultant will meet with you at your convenience for the final inspection.  Once you’re happy we hand over the keys together with all compliance certificates for your new home.

Step 10. Move in and enjoy

Meet the neighbours and become part of a prosperous and growing community.


If you are looking for inspiration, go no further than our Fresh Home Designs –
many of which are award winning. No matter the size of your block or budget, our portfolio is extensive.